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Key Cutting Machines with a Single Cutter

Weighing only 7g, the Q27 is a portable single cutter key cutting machine, used primarily to cut house and car keys with saw tooth style grooves.

Based in a patented design, the Q29 series is equipped with a four-side rotating vise assembly, and is commonly used to duplicate extra-long car keys with a rubber coated bow and high-security house keys with saw tooth style grooves.
Finally, the 283D series of single cutter key cutting machines supports the use of both AC and DC power supplies, and offers flexible solutions for key duplications where power failures have occurred or without a main power supply, as such, it is a mobile machine for key duplication.

With these four different types of key cutting machines, customers can carry out nearly any type of key cutting they need for their project. If interested in any of these machines, service or spare parts, contact us today and speak to one of our professional staff members about a key cutting machine to meet your needs.